A Buxom WIP...

Super excited about my latest project - still very much a work in progress and part of a much larger series coming soon.

I'm investigating the world of the 'Motivational Poster' and I will be developing a series of printable posters for you to pin up in your office cubicle to keep you alive throughout the remainder of the work day.



My Week In Sketches

My Week In Sketches was a project I created designed to motivate me to engage in everyday news and current affairs and become a littler bit more culturally 'on the ball'. I decided to start picking items of everyday events that interested me and characters that I found both ridiculous and fascinating... 

Every week I would update the world with another useless painting which was a quick sketch of items that caught my attention or points about certain aspects of life I wanted to highlight...

This is a collection of just a few but for the full rundown, I post weekly to Tumblr and Instagram to keep you 'in the know'...

Kim K
Tone 2

Knobhead Bunting

The Knobhead Bunting series was inspired by the world's great Knobheads. 

Ever since I can remember I've had an irrational hatred of Rod Stewart. I was curious to see if anyone else had a hateful, insipid side to their psyche so I put the call out across social media to see who could offer up their most hated public figure...the results were glorious. The three winners received their very own Hipster-chic Knobhead Bunting created by me. 

Julie Andrews, Alex Perry and Rihanna took the winning spots as the fairest Knobheads of them list included Rod, Bono and Dr Harry - a special selection of very particular Knobheads.


NSFW Santa

Not Safe For Work Santa was an experiment I decided to play with in December, 2015...a comic a day showing off Santa's more risque side...

On social media I released a drawing a day over the December month, this year he'll become a Christmas card comic. Bring on the cold dangly bits...

Etsy Tea Towel Collection

To fuel my obsession with Tea Towels and all things tea related...I made a series of Tea Towels for The Strongpencil Store. Any excuse to include puns and play on the word 'tea'.

Just Pots

See No Space Dog, Hear No Space Dog, Speak No Space Dog.

Not much to say about Space Dog. This is a present I made for a very special person, who also happens to be my smelly cousin Josh for his 21st. He's the only person I know who owns an Occulus Rift...he has a spiritual affinity with the dopey Golden Lab, and space He also needed some wise words for his imminent downward spiral into Adult life so...the classic adage of the three wise sentences would suffice.

Space Dog.