My Week In Sketches

My Week In Sketches was a project I created designed to motivate me to engage in everyday news and current affairs and become a littler bit more culturally 'on the ball'. I decided to start picking items of everyday events that interested me and characters that I found both ridiculous and fascinating... 

Every week I would update the world with another useless painting which was a quick sketch of items that caught my attention or points about certain aspects of life I wanted to highlight...

This is a collection of just a few but for the full rundown, I post weekly to Tumblr and Instagram to keep you 'in the know'...

Kim K
Tone 2

Jane Farrell Food & Health

Jane who's based in the UK, approached me to draw a collection of her favourite foods as a Coeliac for her food and health blog. She gave me a list of possible foods to include to be scattered throughout the site as a static backdrop - I decided to make everything on the list as a bit of a foodie challenge for myself...

I then built the custom made background and images into her site all by myself! I think the result is stylish, bright and works well for her content.

Jane ran her very own health-food store called Aubergine based in Portland, UK that was an award winning organic supplier and carried on her obsession with all things healthy, delicious and nutritious to her blog to talk about her own experience battling Coeliac Disease. 

Food and Health


Josh Griffiths of Artwhore asked me to create a banner for his website. His Model was Kate Moss and the only mandatory was to create a Kate in my own vision - a vision, I saw as a 600lb slab of woman, reclining in a mountain of food.

Kate is a watercolour spattered mess of junk food and grease and I really could not be happier with the finished product.