Timeout Magazine Portrait

Bars and Pubs Editor for Timeout Magazine, Emily Lloyd-Tait asked me to make her her very own portrait for her social media presence. Her specifications were 'Victorian Bar Wench' so, I pretty much just went with that...

The result is a busty, stern Bar Wench who filled all of the necessary requirements and certainly looks like a woman you wouldn't want to mess with. I used a combo of my usual Watercolour with the added thickness of Gouache.

Bar Wench

Jane Farrell Food & Health

Jane who's based in the UK, approached me to draw a collection of her favourite foods as a Coeliac for her food and health blog. She gave me a list of possible foods to include to be scattered throughout the site as a static backdrop - I decided to make everything on the list as a bit of a foodie challenge for myself...

I then built the custom made background and images into her site all by myself! I think the result is stylish, bright and works well for her content.

Jane ran her very own health-food store called Aubergine based in Portland, UK that was an award winning organic supplier and carried on her obsession with all things healthy, delicious and nutritious to her blog to talk about her own experience battling Coeliac Disease. 

Food and Health

Quentin Tarantino Exhibition

In early 2015 I was invited to contribute a piece for AU Creative Network's Tarantino Show, hosted in Wynyard, Sydney.

I decided in an homage to classic Italian painter Giuseppe Arcimboldo, I would create a Tarantino portrait built from a Pulp Fiction classic reference, the: 'Royale with Cheese'. Here he is, complete with melty cheese face.


Legal Tweaks Magazine

I was approached to draw a cover for Legal Tweaks Magazine, a publication run by Labour Lawyers, Sydney. I decided to venture into the world of the robed to experiment with a more Political cartooning/satire aesthetic and really, any excuse to draw a fat old man in a wig going through an endless parchment of reforms...purrfect. 

The party to reign in the new issue...complete with Lawyers, Judges, Legislators and wine. 

The party to reign in the new issue...complete with Lawyers, Judges, Legislators and wine. 


Bowral Sexhibition

Bowral. 2015 I was invited to join a show exploring censorship and inviting us to push the boundaries of censorship in an incredibly quaint, country setting...

My piece was an orgy of sorts, including nude humans and insects alike. The piece was called 'After The Feast' and the most exciting part of exhibiting in Bowral? The threat of being shut down by local elderly folk who called the police.

After The Feast
Close Up
Getting my research on. 

Getting my research on. 

The night itself...Harry is...not amused. 

The night itself...Harry is...not amused. 

See No Space Dog, Hear No Space Dog, Speak No Space Dog.

Not much to say about Space Dog. This is a present I made for a very special person, who also happens to be my smelly cousin Josh for his 21st. He's the only person I know who owns an Occulus Rift...he has a spiritual affinity with the dopey Golden Lab, and space because...space. He also needed some wise words for his imminent downward spiral into Adult life so...the classic adage of the three wise sentences would suffice.

Space Dog.

iD Mag, Australia

in 2013 I was asked to create watercolour tattoos and superimpose them onto a Model for iD Magazine, Australia.

I painted up a series of classic tats and digitally manipulated them onto the model in a fun Photog-meets-Illustrator campaign. The results were surprisingly cool...

iD cover
iD swallows
iD back