Knobhead Bunting

The Knobhead Bunting series was inspired by the world's great Knobheads. 

Ever since I can remember I've had an irrational hatred of Rod Stewart. I was curious to see if anyone else had a hateful, insipid side to their psyche so I put the call out across social media to see who could offer up their most hated public figure...the results were glorious. The three winners received their very own Hipster-chic Knobhead Bunting created by me. 

Julie Andrews, Alex Perry and Rihanna took the winning spots as the fairest Knobheads of them all...my list included Rod, Bono and Dr Harry - a special selection of very particular Knobheads.


Timeout Magazine Portrait

Bars and Pubs Editor for Timeout Magazine, Emily Lloyd-Tait asked me to make her her very own portrait for her social media presence. Her specifications were 'Victorian Bar Wench' so, I pretty much just went with that...

The result is a busty, stern Bar Wench who filled all of the necessary requirements and certainly looks like a woman you wouldn't want to mess with. I used a combo of my usual Watercolour with the added thickness of Gouache.

Bar Wench

A Pug Wedding

I was contacted from someone in the UK looking to indulge her friend's obsession with all things 'Pug' one step further...by having me tailor Pug portraits for her friend and her fiance as a gorgeous Wedding pressie.

A few photo swaps for references later - and I had my Pug couple. So began the Pet Portrait adventure...I had a couple more requests for Pugs and other animals a little later on for happy couples to remember their special day in a more slobbery, furry form.

What made this project so much better? The impressions of their very own Pug faces they sent me. Glorious.

Pug Love