Merry Cardmas...

In December 2017 with Christmas on the horizon and the end of work looming, I was asked to create the company Christmas card for 303 MullenLowe. I opted for the most complicated idea which was to create a Santa's workshop out of the 303 classic Cleland Bond building, The Rocks with elves busily working on each of the four floors. 

To make the card an extra bit special, I included objects relating to every single client on the 303 Sydney and 303 Perth roster. We created a die cut out of the building for the card owner to peer inside into the world of the elves working hard all year round.

It was an adorable project to work on hand painted entirely and for this project I had to put my architectural thinking cap on...I have never painted to-scale buildings before...

Another year gone by and another one on the way, what cards will I think up this year...?

Take a look at the video of the finished product being merrily opened and closed on @strongpencil