Project Monday

A couple of months ago now, Davina - our gorgeous designer extraordinaire - Molly and myself came up with a collaborative exercise we called 'Project Monday'. Weekly, out of a tiny lolly jar one of us would pick out a word from the secret 10 we each put in that were completely randomly written down by way of a word dumb onto a page and torn into little folded pieces. The chosen word would then become the very subject of that week.

The idea of the project is to expand our creative skills in any creative area we so choose. My desire to become an experienced digital Illustrator pushed me to take my understanding to new heights, Davina wanted to become an agile animator and Moll wanted to select from creating within the written word to continuing on her journey as an equally talented designer.

We were later joined by another creative team made up of the talented AD Leila and wordsmith to the stars, Simon and now our head of Print Production, the ever spiritually enlightened, Brett.

Here are my designs so far...and one still in the making that I'm pretty proud of as I continue to delve deeper into the exciting world of Adobe Illustrator...


(A work in progress...)

(A work in progress...)